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Bills great Darryl Talley reveals secrets of ‘Spidey’ ski suit before icy playoff game with Patriots

uffalo Bills Wall of Fame linebacker Darryl Talley used to slather his body with Vaseline, then pull on a pair of Big Mama pantyhose, then his football pads, pants and jersey, just one old-school trick for staying warm in the extreme cold.

Then he’d lube up his feet and pull on silk socks, then GORE-TEX socks to remain dry, then his uniform socks, then his cleats. The idea was simple, yet brilliant.

PlayAction: Can Patriots squeeze more big plays out of passing game?

The New England Patriots had 60 pass plays of 20 or more yards during the regular season, 10th best in the NFL. The Bills had 51 plays of 20-plus yards, 16th most.

Long-distance swimmers greased up to protect their bodies from the elements, Talley figured, and after watching the Winter Olympics, he replaced his cheap hosiery with downhill ski racing suits, including the one with the famous “Spider-Man” arms.

“I was Under Armour before Under Armour was Under Armour,” Talley, 61, said this week, laughing during a phone interview with The Buffalo News. “I’d do a lot of things that a lot of folks didn’t know about. But I was warm.”

Tips and tricks for playing in frigid conditions are offered by former players on social media and sports talk shows every time a subzero, marquee game is on tap, and this week is no different with the Bills preparing to host the New England Patriots at 8:15 p.m. Saturday in what could be the second-coldest home football game in franchise history.

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“Make no mistake: All the pressure is on the Bills in this one,” writes Jay Skurski. “The Patriots are 1-3 in their last four games, while the Bills are riding a four-game winning streak. We’ll see how much momentum means.”

Temperatures in Orchard Park are expected to be in the low single digits at kickoff, with wind chills between minus-10 and minus-15 degrees.

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