NEIGHBOURS fans were in uproar when Elly Conway got sent down for Finn Kelly’s death, but now she faces a new challenge.
Neighbours fans will be left fearing for Elly Conway (played by Jodi Anasta) in upcoming scenes as official soap spoilers have revealed she comes face to face with a very angry Andrea Somers (Madeleine West). Will the mother of one regret going against the prison ringleader?
Fans of the Australian soap will remember Elly pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter after she aroused suspicion for killing Finn Kelly.
However, those watching at home knew Finn’s recent death was in fact an accident of his own making, but Elly was advised by her legal team, that the best way to avoid a prison sentence was to accept responsibility.
But, when her day in court came, Elly’s freedom was snatched away from her and she was thrown behind bars.
Her lawyer, Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney) was equally surprised but he outcome and is trying to organise an appeal to get the decision overturned.
While she awaits news, Elly has been adapting to prison life, and low and behold she bumped into someone she knows; Andrea.
With a threat to her new life in prison, it seems trouble is only just beginning for Elly, how far is Andrea planning on going?
In scenes set to air in the next couple of weeks, Elly confides in Toadie about a conversation she overheard involving Andrea and the psycho’s plans to gain future access to her son Hugo.
Thinking it’s best Toadie and Dee Bliss (Andrea Somers) know what’s gong on, Elly warns then, and tells them not to trust Andrea.
Dee is conflicted, she wants to protect Hugo but at the same time she is hurt over her twin sister’s actions and Toadie vows to visit Elly less in prison now.
And according to new spoiler images for the Channel 5 soap, it isn’t long before word gets back to Andrea that Elly has been snitching.
It seems Andrea is somewhat of a ring leader in the prison and has many people watching and listening out for her and reporting back.
Pictures from filming show Andrea and Elly coming face to face in a cell and it seems the former is hellbent on playing games.

Dee recently gave Elly a plant to help her cope with missing her daughter and an opportunity for Elly to have something to focus on, care and nurture.
But this doesn’t sit well with Andrea and she will cruelly destroy it, admitting the torment for Elly has only just begun.
Will Elly come to regret going against Andrea and not making a friend of her instead?
And how is this going to play out with the actress who plays Elly’s departure?
Jodi recently discussed her exit during a conversation with Digital Spy: “The thing people don’t know is how unpredictable the story will be.
“Most people think that Elly will go to jail and then I leave. It’s not that.
“What’s going to happen is very unpredictable and I love that. It’s great for the viewers,” she added.